Commander Quest — Ice Age

Aaron Meacham
4 min readFeb 12, 2020

Top 5 Hidden Bant Enchantment Synergies

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With the release of Theros Beyond Death and the resurging popularity of enchantress-based strats in Commander, I wanted to look for some unappreciated or underappreciated enchantment synergies, primarily in Bant colors. Popular commanders like Tuvasa aren’t going away anytime soon, and THB gave us a great new option with Siona to play around with auras and a go-wide approach.

SaffronOlive recently did a deep dive on some useful Commander cards hidden in older sets, and his look at Ice Age got me interested to take a look myself.

When most commander players think of Ice Age and Bant enchantments, I’m sure there’s one main target that comes to mind.

No. Not you. You’re not an underappreciated gem.

#5 — Arenson’s Aura

This card depends more on your playgroup’s meta and if you’re going to be facing some oppressive enchantments from your opponents like Aura Shards.

There are some synergy possibilities with Femeref Enchantress and Starfield of Nyx for recurrable constellation triggers, maybe buff your Starfield Mystic, but this one feels more limited in scope.

#4 — Soul Barrier

If you’re running a slower, low-creature build, this is one way to tempo your opponents or chip away a little bit at their life totals. Running more of a Voltron strategy with Kestia? Soul Barrier makes your opponents think twice about building up a board on-curve to answer your threat.

While it becomes a worse draw in the late game (which lands it near the bottom of this list) in the early game it’s a great setup to later Propaganda-style cards that punish your opponents once their creatures are already out on the board.

#3 — Freyalise’s Winds

If you’re going for a pillow-fort, prison strategy, or a planeswalker-based approach like Estrid, this feels punishing for your opponents. Drop this on the battlefield and slow things down enough for Estrid to build up loyalty by untapping your permanents.

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